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  • Dennis Diaz 3:35 am on October 19, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Sam Hook, who wrote the hook for “Pot of Gold”, fills in for Chris Brown on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” and sings beside The Game! This is a big deal – why? Because Sam Hook is an artist that I have seen grow from karaoke machine recording to the real deal. Please support Sam Hook and follow him on Twitter @SamHookMusic

    See the performance at this link

  • Dennis Diaz 12:54 am on August 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Dennis Diaz now accepting bookings for Isis King

    Isis King (born as Darrell Walls on October 1, 1985)[1] is an American fashion model and a fashion designer. She was a contestant on the eleventh cycle of the reality television show America’s Next Top Model. She was the first trans woman to compete on the show, and became one of the most visible transgender people on television.

    King is originally from Prince Georges County, Maryland, and currently resides in New York City. King was designated male at birth but has stated that “mentally [and] everything else” she was “born female.”[3] She has stated that people might refer to her as “transgender” or “transsexual”, but she prefers the phrase “born in the wrong body”.[3]

    While in high school, King came out as “gay”. However, she felt that it was still not the accurate label for her orientation.[4]

    In 2007, King appeared in an MSNBC special titled Born in the Wrong Body, which documented the lives of transgender teens from across the United States.[5] King began hormone replacement therapy in the summer of 2007, as part of her transitioning process.[6] She hoped to have sex reassignment surgery as soon as possible.[7]

    Early career
    King has an associate degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.[6] While in college her designs won her a 2005 award for Best Woman’s Evening Wear.[citation needed]

    King had been runway modeling for seven years before participating in America’s Next Top Model. Her experience included competing in the underground ball culture scene. In a promotional interview for ANTM, King stated she was looking forward to runway as she had been “walking” for seven years. Her post-show runway credits include the Amore Fashion Show, Howard University Fashion Show, Colors Fall/Winter 2009–10 Line, Secret Society, and Images Fashion Show (for which she received an award).[citation needed]

    She has also worked as a receptionist at a hair salon, and as a program assistant for a nonprofit organization.[8]

    America’s Next Top Model
    King was living at the Ali Forney Transitional Living Program when she learned about an upcoming photo shoot for the tenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model.[9] As the shoot’s theme would be the issue of homeless youth, real homeless women would be used as background models, recruited in conjunction with the Reciprocity Foundation, which works to move homeless and high-risk youth into careers in the “creativity economy”.[citation needed]

    King asked ANTM art director Jay Manuel whether she could be accepted as a girl “born in the wrong body” if she were to audition as a contestant for the program.[9] After the shoot, show host and producer Tyra Banks had her staff search out King to encourage her to audition based on her performance in the photo shoot. King became one of fourteen finalists for the eleventh cycle of the show.[7][10] She placed tenth overall.

    She is confirmed[citation needed] to be participating in Cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model—also known as the “All-Stars Cycle”—along with other returning contestants.

    After ANTM
    King has appeared on The Tyra Banks Show twice. In her first appearance she discussed her life story further, along with fellow contestant Clark Gilmer. Banks surprised King by introducing her to Marci Bowers, a fellow trans woman and top gender reassignment surgeon, who offered her an all-expenses-paid surgery.[11] According to King’s Facebook page, the surgery was conducted on February 27, 2009.[citation needed] The results of the operation were revealed in her second appearance, in which new test shots taken after the surgery were revealed. Isis’ transition to being anatomically female was deemed “complete.” She also appeared on Larry King Live on July 25, 2009.[12] It has been announced that King will compete in the seventeenth overall and first ‘All Star’ cycle of America’s Next Top Model, which airs on the 14th of September.

    Print work
    King appeared in Us Weekly (September 2008), was in Seventeen magazine (December 2008/January 2009), Out magazine, Mallard International magazine, and the cover of the Spring 2010 Swerv magazine.[citation needed] King also did a variety of test shots that were used to promote her visit to The Tyra Banks Show.

    As of present time,[when?] King is not signed with any modeling agency, though she works as a freelance fashion model.

    Cultural impact
    King is one of a small but growing number of transgender people and characters in film and television, and her inclusion on ANTM has been called an “unprecedented opportunity” by Neil Giuliano, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.[13] By competing on the show, King has brought national and prime time attention to issues of gender transitioning and gender expression.[14][15] New York magazine has called King the cause célèbre of Cycle 11, comparing her transsexualism to previous contestant “issues” featured on the show such as Cycle 9 contestant Heather Kuzmich’s Asperger syndrome.[16] ANTM executive producer Ken Mok stated that her casting was done in support of “redefin[ing] what beauty is,” one of “Tyra’s original missions” for the show.[17]

    Due to the intimate nature of the program, which films the contestants living together during the several weeks of the competition, GLAAD spokesman Damon Romine noted that “the show deals head on with the contestants confronting their own phobias. There’s going to be support, and the reverse of that. It opens the door for the other girls and the viewers to get to know Isis and the transgender community.” Some of King’s fellow contestants revealed prejudices in speaking about how her gender transitioning would be poorly received in their own small communities or in the southern United States.[7] Contestants have referred to King perjoratively as a “he/she” and a “drag queen”.[18] Facets of King’s transitioning process have been portrayed in the show, such as her hormone injections and subsequent nausea.[19]

    New York magazine noted that King is one of few transgender models in history to rise to public prominence, comparing her to Teri Toye, former club kid Amanda Lepore, and the gender-bending club promoter and model André J.[20] Simon Doonan, creative director of Barneys New York, told ABC News that the time may be right for a transgender supermodel: “Maybe it’s time for a tranny [sic] to end up on the cover of Vogue.”[17]

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    See my homie Sam Hook! Amazing song writer. S/O Chris Brown for nailing it – he really captured Sam’s passion in these lyrics. Great job!

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     2 Pistols

    50 Tyson

    8Ball & MJG

    Ace Hood

    AJ Johnson

    Alley Boy


    Amber Rose

    Angel Lola Love




    Big KRIT

    Big Sean

    Biz Markie

    Bizzy Bone

    Borey Bills “Swaggatude”

    Bobby Valentino



    Boss G

    Buffie the Body

    Bun B

    Cali Swag District

    Carl Thomas


    Chalie Boy


    Chrisette Michelle

    Cory Gunz

    Cubana Lust



    Deelishis from Flavor of Love 2


    Diggy Simmons


    DJ Drama

    DJ UnkRap

    DJ Whoo Kid

    DJ Super Star Jay


    Doll From Real Chance of Love 2



    Erica Mena

    Esther Baxter


    Fat Joe

    Field Mobb


    Gary Jenkins


    Gorilla Zoe

    GS Boyz


    Gudda Gudda

    Gun Play

    Heartbreaker from For the Love of Ray J 2

    J Mack “Go Stupid”

    J Money / J Futuristic

    Jackie O


    Jae Millz

    Jagged Edge

    Jaguar from For the Love of Ray J 2

    Jason Foxx “Aunt Jackie”


    Jayla Starr


    Jim Jones

    Jo Jo Simmons

    Jody Breeze


    Joe Budden

    Jon B.

    Jose Sanchez



    Kamille Hot Wings Leai

    Kandi Burris

    Kapri Stylez

    Kat Staxx

    KeKe Wyatt


    Kia Shine

    Kid Capri

    Kid Cudi

    The Kid Lean from the movie “Cost of a Soul”

    Kim Kardashian



    Lil Chuckee

    Lil Duval

    Lil Flip

    Lil Jon

    Lil Phat

    Lil Ru

    Lil Scrappy

    Lil Twist

    Lil Webbie

    Lil Will


    Lucious For the Love Ray J 2

    Mac Miller

    Mack Maine


    Mannie Fresh

    Mariah Milano

    Marsha Ambrosia

    Melanie Fiona

    Melrose Fox

    Melyssa Ford

    Michael Vick





    Mz Berry from For the Love of Ray J 2

    Nina Sky

    Nino Man “Bounce to the Beat”

    Naomi Bankx


    OJ The Juiceman


    Party Boyz

    Pastor Troy

    Paul Wall


    Pleasure P


    Pooch Hall

    Project Pat

    Pusha T

    Raheem Devaughn

    Red Cafe

    Rich Boy

    Rich Kids


    Rosa Acosta

    Roscoe Dash

    Roxy Reynolds

    Sean Paul of YoungBloodz


    Shawty Lo

    Shop Boyz

    Short Dawg

    Silkk The Shocker

    Slim of 112

    Slim Thug

    Soulja Boy

    Tone Trump

    Young B “Chicken Noodle Soup”

  • Dennis Diaz 7:10 pm on July 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Nino Man feat French Montana! “I’m On”

    Download audio here: \”I\’m On\” Nino Man feat French Montana

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    I am in the middle of reading a book from “Marketing Jesus,” David Scott, and came across some useful advice for people trying to broadcast their talent via Facebook.

    The most important thing to remember about marketing yourself as a talent on Facebook (or anywhere else) is that it’s not about generating hype. Consider 3 useful ways to deliver information and ideas to a network of friends and people who are intrested in you: friend-to-friend communication, groups, and applications. The first is generally the easiest and really just requires that you describe yourself via your personal profile. For example, when I am working with a new act, I’ll post a message on my Facebook page so my friends will know what I am up to. I also post links to the new blog post and the events I am going to be attending. My Facebook friends see my updates via their feed, basically an ongoing delivery of information from their circle of friends.

    A great way I’ve seen artists, actors, celebrities and the like keep people intrested is to gather them in a group. Everyone can create a group. All users can create groups, and their membership can be closed (invite only) or open (to public). There’s also a fan page, which is a page of information that anybody can see (compared to groups where you must register first). Groups are better for product launches (albums, events) while fan pages are for loose longer-term presence. Sounds complicated but its not if you are an avid Facebook user.

    Finally, applications, which are a great way to build your brand. An open platform, facebook allows anybody to create applications (they do get annoying but people still love them) that allow friends to share information on the service in different ways. There are thousands out there – not a bad marketing tool and it cost nothing to launch. Create something catchy like “My Favorite 90’s songs” or something that will attract the personas of your friends and fans that will make them engage. They are tons of fun and a great ways to start a trend. Be creative to earn a “like”!

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    A booking agent spends his/her entire time communicating with promoters and managers to book shows. In most cases, agents are trying to book concert tours because they are most profitable and provide their clients with steady work. In order to accomplish booking a successful tour careful organization is required that includes sensible scheduling and routing for the talent to get to their venues on time. This highlights the first flaw of an agent’s work, scheduling on the road.  

             Scheduling on the road has to be made geographically logical and financially capable. Promoters like most businesses are trying to conserve funds so routing is an essential factor in order to keep transportation cost low. It is not always possible to control what happens on the road which can create dysfunction. Schedules can be in made prior to a tour beginning, but there are many problems that could occur and cause changes in the plans.

    An agent can never set dates in stone. Although the first few shows on the road may be ready to go, the rest can easily sway a different direction. Agents do not know if promoters can get enough tickets sold on time, or venues may even drop out for various reasons.  For instance, I once had a promoter cancel a performance because the authorities were made aware of how many people will be attending the event and were afraid that it may cause a riot therefore the show was cancelled.  On the contrary, the tour can be very successful and the agent might add dates because of popular demand.

                Cancellations on the road can be rough especially on the pockets of an agent who collect only a small percentage. Usually agents try to collect a nonrefundable deposit (usually half of the negotiated rate) in the case of cancellations which will secure both he and the talent so they do not totally lose out.

                Cancellations can also be forced upon by an agency when promoters are not cooperative, especially by agencies with an elite exclusive roster. Here is one scenario I located on

    “The band was ready for its gig in a southeast concert hall with the music practiced, the flight and hotel booked, the equipment leased and the stage arrangements set. But two weeks out, the music agent discovered that tickets hadn’t been sold, and he didn’t have a signed contract or the deposit from the concert promoter. Three days out, the contract and deposit still hadn’t appeared.

    After a conference call with the music agent, the promoter and the band’s manager, the concert was canceled, with the deposit still due to the agency. “Send me the money, or you’ll never get a show from this agency again,” the music agent told the promoter. Seven months later, the money unexpectedly showed up.

    That’s one reason why a band needs a music booking agent, says Max McAndrew, a former music agent with International Creative Management who is now a talent buyer and concert promoter for The House of Blues. McAndrew describes a music agent, or booking agent, as an extra member of the band — someone who opens doors of opportunity but also fixes booking problems for a band while it’s on the road


    .” (Dannenfeldt, 2008)

    In this agency’s case, a promoter refused to pay upfront and neglected to submit a signed contract made by the booking agent and the artist’s manager. Therefore, the agency threatened the promoter by refusing his business in the future which could potentially hurt the promoter’s business. Although, this case was resolved cancellations could be considered a flaw since there is no strict format to handling this situation without a threat.

    Another problem most talent agents face is maintaining clients with longevity within the industry. Unfortunately, with the commercial impact this is made hard. Acts often do not last long anymore and forces talent agents to keep their eyes and ears pried open all the time to find the next best thing.

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    Stephen Redhead always gets a hearty laugh out of me when I come across one of his witty, comedic songs online like his new one “Marvin Ain’t Home”. I was first introduced to Redhead when I was working for the Eight Park talent agency in New York City. Redhead was one of the artists on development at the time along with artists like Kyah Baby, Jason Fox and Audi Rob. Redhead was definitely the unquie one of the group with his “DC” style raps, like the crew would call it. His music is fun to listen to. He knows how to tell a story in a funny way. His sense of humor compliments Hip Hop music for sure. Just check out this Beatie Boys inspired track titled, “Beatie” which I had him perform to open up a show for Tiffany Evans in Poughkeepsie, NY. The crowd went wild! Redhead is a real hip hop artist and true character. Follow Redhead on Twitter @Redheadpg

  • Dennis Diaz 11:00 am on June 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Sam Hook, singer and songwriter

    A passionate singer, clever songwriter and a true go-getter are the best ways to describe Sam Hook. Sam and I go way back. Sam lived in a house around the corner from my Elmont, NY home. We use to record tracks in my parent’s basement using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and a Samson condenser microphone – and before that a karaoke machine [embarrassing, I know…]. But not anymore! You can find Sam Hook stylin’ with the big boys in the entertainment industry writing songs for acts like Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, J Holiday, Ne-Yo and so many others.

    What makes Sam Hook so unquie is not only his voice but  his truthful character. If you ever had the opportunity to meet Sam, or even listen to his music, you will notice that his words are sincere. He is an intelligent songwriter and can analyze a topic  deeply. Sam has a true star quality – one that is super smooth and laid back. Creatively, Sam is something else…when we were about 17 or so Sam wrote a song called “Shoes” that was so metaphorically advance for his age. The lyrics in “Shoes” related the way Sam liked his shoes and his women, “I like them like I like my shoes/Clean – and never tied too loose/” Really?! That line still plays in my head.

    Sam Hook doesn’t give up either. The man can network like a beast! I remember getting out of school and running home to mix a demo because Sam met Sway from MTV on the streets in Brooklyn who invited him to the MTV studio in Manhattan. Sam was crazy! On our way into the city Sam and the crew started singing on the train while I walked behind them waving a baseball cap for tips. Then the following week he was meeting up with WyClef. Sporadic events like this just never stopped for Sam.

    Now you can find Sam Hook in the studio with your favorit artists making the hits. Sam Hook is definitely an artist to keep a close eye on – follow him on Twitter @SamHookMusic

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    Last night I was at a wine bar on Long Island with a group of my closest friends when I got the news from my partner in LA that the gay marriage bill was passed here in NY. We called the bartender over for a round of shots and a bottle of Chianti to celebrate. The thought of marriage never crossed my mind, so I never felt the need to express my “Pride” to anyone. I was closeted until last night. When I heard that the bill was passed I posted a status update on Facebook, playing around, that said “My wedding date is 2/20/2012…who will be walking down the aisle with me?” [the girls I was with thought the play on the 2’s would be cool] My wall blew up with comments and “likes”…family members and friends congratulated me and told me how surprised they were to find out. I am still in shock. (Why did I do that again?) Well I followed up with another status immediately after, “Well if it wasn’t obvious before, it is now…” Of course I have a real sense of humor about this and it helps. But this milestone in my life is also one for many. The idea that being gay is that much closer to being socially accepted is liberating.

    My dad was one of the many that commented on the status he first wrote “I need more info, Mama is next to me.” Out of slight fear I removed the comment, then he commented again “This is a surprise!” The exclamation point softened me up to respond ” Well a surprise for you and everyone else on FB, lol. The wedding date – not real. But the reality of the topic…well, yes. It doesn’t define the person and the quality of his character. My goals haven’t changed.” And this is true, my goals will never change – to continue living a successful life with special person and to eventually raise a family. What happened yesterday is hope. And I hope that those who haven’t accepted the idea will soon. It’s a civil rights movement that is making progress.

    If anything please dig deep into your heart to respect how others choose to live. You can see how experiences like mine truly affect the LGBT community by watching videos at The It Get’s Better Project website.

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